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Sonepar in China

To better serve our large customer base in this fast growing market, we operate through three distinct business divisions: Building & Electrical Distribution, Industrial Automation, and Telecoms Services.

After entering the Chinese market in 2000, we have seen strong growth and we now cover 18 provinces and the two special administrative regions of Hong Kong and Macau.

Our local brands:


Founded in 1989, Dahua is a well-recognized enterprise in the industrial automation distribution in China and has successfully built a solid position in Shanghai and South Jiangsu Area.

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Hip Tung

Hip Tung is a power cable distribution specialist in Hong Kong.

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Sonepar China

Sonepar China is a key player in B2B distribution of electrical products, solutions, and related services.

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Supermoon is the leading distributor of electrical materials and solutions in Hong Kong and Macau, with a fast-growing business in China.

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Vallen Asia

Vallen Asia is a leading provider of integrated supply chain solutions and MRO industrial distribution across Asia.

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