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Sonepar in France

We operate one generalist network under the Sonepar brand name, specialized subsidiaries, and a consumer network.

These are supported by the skills of our 5,200 associates and a dense network of 500 branches throughout mainland France and the French overseas departments and territories.

Sonepar generated sales of €2.5bn euros in France in 2020.

Our local brands:

Sonepar in France

In France, Sonepar provides electrical products and solutions for businesses.



3C is a Sonepar France subsidiary specializing in the distribution of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning products.

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Aldiance offers a comprehensive range of services, from consulting on automation components to the development of solutions and the provision of technical services.

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Alliantz is a leading player in the French photovoltaic market and is known for its high level of technical expertise dedicated to specialized installers of solar solutions in the residential and small commercial segment.

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Hydeclim is a distributor and expert in solutions for air conditioning, heat pumps, humidity control, ventilation and air diffusion for commercial and residential applications.

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CCF specializes in the distribution of security, communications and datacom products and solutions.

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CD Sud

CD Sud is a leading player in the French Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) market segment and is known for its high level of technical expertise and its extensive distribution network.

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Factory Systemes

Factory Systemes distributes hardware and software products that enable its industrial customers to improve their operations and the effectiveness of their equipment.

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