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2021.06.24 Building Information Modeling Furthers Collaborations between ABB and Sonepar

Building Information Modeling Furthers Collaborations between ABB and Sonepar


Building Information Modelling (BIM) defines a collaborative way of working underpinned by digital technologies, which unlock more efficient methods of designing and maintaining construction projects. 

We are currently witnessing a rapid adoption of BIM by key players in our industry. There are two key motives behind this transformation: The first, is that the benefits which BIM creates are shared by not only the client, but the entire supply chain. The second, is BIM’s ability to promote greater transparency and collaboration between suppliers, thereby reducing material waste throughout all levels of the process.  

Alongside these two major advantages, BIM also enables consistency, optimizes time management and strategic decision-making, increases productivity, eliminates risks, and improves the health and safety of all staff involved in the construction process, while predicting the reduction of lifecycle costs. 

ABB supports its partners through their BIM experience, and has created an e-learning tool that is available to anyone who wishes to become more familiar with its processes before integrating it into their own projects. Technische Unie has recently developed a landing page on their website all about BIM, created a downloadable plugin for customers, and provided them with access to an external ABB BIM catalog to help facilitate their activities.  

On Sonepar’s partnership with ABB, International Smart Building Product Director, Paolo Spotti spoke of how this e-learning tool can benefit our customers.“ABB's training is a great approach to BIM for electrical experts. The course is structured in levels that provide a basic overview leading to more detailed demonstrations, and links to other sources for further study.” 

ABB Global Channel Manager - Smart Buildings, Emanuele Tosatti, who globally manages Building Information Modelling for ABB Electrification, commented on how ABB’s strategic collaboration with Sonepar on future projects can be strengthened  with  BIM. “Like all cloud-based platforms, BIM foundations are centered around facilitating the management of large amounts of information. Thanks to their global footprint and unrivaled heritage in supplying the construction industry, ABB and Sonepar can jointly drive the best value for all stakeholders, enabling safe, smart, and sustainable buildings to be built and monitored across their lifetime. Thanks to our collaboration, cost, installation, logistics, and connectivity information are added to building models at every moment.”  

BIM intersects with sustainability throughout the design, construction, and operation stages of a project. By providing transparency during the design phase, contractors, engineers, and suppliers can advise on the structure’s overall operation during the earlier stages. This means that only environmentally responsible materials and methods will be used, as well as saving time and money on reworking and rescheduling.  

The use of 3D models during the BIM design process allows workflows to be reviewed and improved at every stage, meaning that the building’s lifelong environmental impact can be measured. 

After a project has been completed, all data concerning replacements, refurbishments, and renewals is readily available, so that stakeholders are able to share and adapt the design to other developments, adding value for building owners, and strengthening relationships with clients. 


Find out more about BIM via the ABB Electrification e-learning module