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2021.02.16 ElectraFK contributes to a Sustainable Future (1)

ElectraFK contributes to a Sustainable Future


ElectraFK is currently playing a key role in the renovation of one of the world’s largest and most modern bus terminals.

The project aims to promote the mobility of mass transport in the new era of electric vehicles, promoting technological development and mitigating climate change, through the supply and use of clean energy from solar and hydraulic sources and a photovoltaic self-generation system.

The Electroterminal STP Santiago uses an intelligent monitoring and load management system for a fleet of 215 state-of-the-art electric buses, with autonomy of 300 km, operated by the People Transportation Service of the city of Santiago, which marks a milestone for electromobility and public transport in Latin America and the world.

With a team of experienced engineers, ElectraFK built and supplied 9 Power Distribution Centre panels for the project, intended to power the 400 KW battery chargers on the buses and include Ethernet communication for remote management. Its construction was carried out in the ElectraFK’s Santa Rosa Plant.

Though this initiative, ElectraFK contributes to the country's goal of accelerating the decarbonization of the energy matrix, strengthening the sustainability of the metropolitan transportation system for a higher quality of life and a better future for all.

About Electra FK

ElectraFK is one of the largest and most consolidated distributors of electrical materials in Chile. The company develops its commercial activities through two main business areas; the distribution of electrical equipment, and value-added services to serve the industrial, residential, commercial and mining sectors. ElectraFK is the result of the merge of the previous FloresYKersting and Electra companies, both acquired by Sonepar in 2015.