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2021.05.20 Sonepar Launches its Exclusive Brand, TRADEFORCE, in Italy

Sonepar Launches its Exclusive Brand, TRADEFORCE, in Italy


On the 12th April 2021, Sonepar launched its exclusive brand, TRADEFORCE, in Italy.

Currently available in 45 selected branches across the country, TRADEFORCE’s mission is to give customers the confidence they need to take on any job, anywhere. 

With three core lines, tools, safety equipment, and installation materials accessories, TRADEFORCE products are built to stand up to a range of professional situations. This includes insulated electrical tools for low voltage installation work, and essential safety gear to provide protection from unnecessary injury, whether that be from falling objects, welding sparks, or any of the other day-to-day hazards associated with installation work. 

Upon the launch of the brand in Italy, President Sergio Novello stated, "We welcomed the TRADEFORCE exclusive brand with enthusiasm and passion. Following the launch in April, feedback has been extremely positive from the very beginning. Our customers are showing interest and appreciation for both the quality and the price positioning of the products." 

Find out more about TRADEFORCE here


Founded in Australia in 2005, TRADEFORCE grew from a need for equipment that could stand up to the harsh environments and challenging conditions faced by professional contractors. Today, TRADEFORCE supplies a full range of essential protective gear and tools through its global distribution network, giving professionals around the world the confidence they need to take on any job, anywhere. TRADEFORCE is an exclusive brand for Sonepar. TRADEFORCE is currently present in ten countries around the world, including Belgium, Brazil, Finland, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, and Sweden.