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Green Offer: Sonepar partners with ABB


We aim to promote our suppliers' best-in-class, most sustainable innovations, to bring further transparency to our product offering and help reduce our impact on the planet.

Sonepar's Green Offer enables our customers to make sustainable choices to master their carbon footprint, thanks to our sustainability rating.

Close collaboration with our suppliers is key, as they provide us with verified environmental data about their products, thanks to Life Cycle Assessments, which allows us to compare and rate each product.

Today, we're showcasing ABB Electrification, a global technology leader in electrical distribution and management from source to socket. As the world’s demand for electricity grows, ABB collaborates with their customers and partners to transform how people connect, live and work.

ABB Electrification’s mission is to electrify the world in a safe, smart and sustainable way. They develop innovative products, solutions and digital technologies to enable a low-carbon society across all sectors. 

To power a sustainable future for society, ABB has centered their sustainability strategy around 4 pillars - enabling a low-carbon society, preserving resources, promoting social progress, and creating a culture of integrity and transparency.  For each of these pillars, they have set targets for their own operations as well as for those of their customers and suppliers. Head to ABB sustainability commitments page to find out more.

Driven by the usage of green electricity and the Mission to Zero™ program, a scalable blueprint of smart building solutions combined with on-site renewable energy generation and storage, ABB Electrification states to have achieved a 68% reduction of Scope 1 and 2 emissions compared to 2019 baseline.

Using as a vehicle the ABB circularity framework, ABB’s portfolio is evolving to support their customers’ circularity journeys. In addition, ABB’s EcoSolutions™ product label provides full transparency to environmental impacts across the entire product lifecycle. Products within the portfolio comply with a set of key performance indicators, as defined in ABB’s circularity framework, and carry an external, third-party verified environmental product declaration (ISO 14025).

The ABB S300P Miniature Circuit Breaker, which recently achieved the ABB EcoSolutions™ product label, is one example of many sustainable solutions available to customers on Sonepar’s e-shop. The S300P Miniature Circuit Breaker’s compactness ensures less material usage and an extended lifespan offering reliable protection in demanding industrial applications, commercial buildings, data centers and the e-mobility sector. Generating less CO2 , it operates in a more energy efficient way, with increased impulse withstand voltage and lower internal resistance that reduce power loss and increase safety.

Learn more about S300P Miniature Circuit Breaker here.

Sonepar and ABB are working together to champion the innovation of sustainable solutions in the market.

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