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240619 Hager x Sonepar Green offer picture

Green Offer: Sonepar partners with Hager


We aim to promote our suppliers' best-in-class, most sustainable innovations, to bring further transparency to our product offer and help reduce our impact on the planet.
Sonepar's Green Offer enables our customers to make sustainable choices to master their carbon footprint, thanks to our sustainability rating.

Close collaboration with our suppliers is key, as they provide us with verified environmental data about their products, thanks to Life Cycle Assessments which allows us to compare and rate each product.

Today, we're focusing on Hager Group, a leading global family-owned company providing safe and simple solutions for electrical installations in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. Founded in 1955, the group has dedicated its innovation and practices to sustainability for decades. Hager is at the forefront of the energy transition today, advancing energy distribution and management, as well as e-mobility. Hager is its internationally renowned major brand, distributed in more than 100 countries through 22 manufacturing sites, and it is listed in our online shop.

Hager Group's sustainability strategy, E3, takes a holistic approach to sustainability. It encompasses three pillars: Ethics, Employees, and Environment. These pillars ensure ethical business practices, foster a healthy and inclusive work environment, and promote the development of safe, reliable, future-proof products. In April 2024, Hager obtained EcoVadis Gold certification, recognizing the Group's holistic sustainability practices.

Environmental sustainability is at the heart of Hager's vision and purpose. In 2023, the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) approved Hager Group's short-term science-based climate goals. Since 2022, the group is a member of the German association Klimaschutz Unternehmen e.V., that brings together best-in-class companies pioneering in climate protection.

Hager Group is committed to reducing its operational and product life cycle CO2 emissions and optimizing logistics. At the product level, the company focuses on minimizing packaging waste and plastic, and using more sustainable materials. However, the group's environmental ambition extends beyond its own operations. An essential aspect of Hager Group's sustainability approach is to lower its customers' ecological impact. With the range of products Hager Group offers, the group is a key enabler of the energy transition. Central to the company's mission are:

  • Promoting renewable energy sources by offering storage systems and solutions for more flexible use of renewables.
  • Facilitating the shift to electrical energy with a comprehensive range of products for the electrical infrastructure in buildings.
  • Reducing carbon emissions and costs through monitoring, automated product solutions, and additional services that optimize energy use.

One key pillar of Hager Group’s environmental sustainability efforts is a commitment to EcoDesign, amongst others focusing on alternatives to virgin plastic and pilots a circular economy where innovative approaches and strong partnerships are crucial. Through Hager Group’s partnership with Avient and Plastic Bank, a series of products partly made with ocean-bound plastics has been created.

This year, the group introduced these products with a new product line in France and Spain: Cubyko Leaf.

This range is about reducing plastic waste in the environment, improving global living conditions, extending material lifecycles, and fostering a more sustainable future. The Group plans to introduce this range to two more markets by early next year. In addition, in Germany and the Netherlands, selected products from the W1 line will be enhanced with the recycled ocean-bound plastic. The launch is planned in the coming months.

Sustainability is about caring and acting to protect the planet while making it attractive for operational excellence.

Sonepar and Hager are committed to partnering to offer their customers the best sustainable offers while contributing to the energy transition.

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