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2021.12.17 Sonepar Launches Spark in Italy and France

Sonepar Launches Spark in Italy and France


Last month, the Sonepar Digital Factory successfully rolled out Spark, our omnichannel platform in Italy and France.

With Spark, Sonepar strives to become the first electrical equipment distributor in the world to offer a fully digital and synchronized experience to all its customers.

As Sonepar transforms into a Digital Enterprise, many changes are happening throughout the organization, and at the core of every decision is our customer; how we can provide an exceptional experience and service that meets their individual needs. 

“The launch of Spark marked the beginning of a boundless adventure. This is a project in constant evolution and improvement, and we are already working to implement and enrich the platform with new features that will give our customers an unmatched experience.” Sergio Novello, President, Sonepar in Italy

"For France, to have Spark is a great opportunity for us all to rethink our processes, remove complexities within our organization, and to always have the customer’s journey at the forefront of our minds.” Jérôme Malassingé, President France & International Services

Through the implementation of this user-friendly, global platform designed with the intention of making our customers’ and our associates’ lives easier, Sonepar will break new ground in the B2B electrical industry, providing the best experience to help our customers succeed.

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