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2023.03.21 SETA Photo

Sonepar Launches the Second Edition of its Energy Transition Academy


Sonepar’s associates will soon learn all about circularity as the Group rolls out the second edition of its Energy Transition Academy!

In 2020, we launched the Academy’s first e-learning course to lay the foundations for understanding the climate crisis, raise awareness about how Sonepar is leading the energy transition, and encourage associates to actively engage in promoting best practices.

Today, the second module has been unveiled, and associates will learn how to think circular, reduce waste and how this approach is integrated within Sonepar.

At Sonepar, we see the shift towards a more circular economy as imperative – for the sake of the planet and generations to come. As a business founded on innovation, we also see this approach as an opportunity that points the way toward new business models and services we can offer our customers.

Read more about Sonepar’s sustainability strategy!

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