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2022.11.08 Stories of Growth Episode 3: Italy

Stories of Growth Episode Three: Italy


We are always looking for new companies willing to join a family-owned group, where the diversity and well-being of our associates are valued the most, and where we work based on a high level of compliance standards and shared values. We're investing in our associates and teams is a priority. 

Following the last episodes in Spain and in the USA, we're headed to Italy to hear their story; success stories, stories from entrepreneurs, stories of Growth, and we're happy to make their journeys the focus of this web series.  

Thank you to Filippo d’Aquino, Franceso Sferra, Ezio Trillini, and Andrea Bernardinello for telling us about your journey with Sonepar. 

Stay tuned for the next episode, where we're headed to Central Europe! 

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