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Digital Transformation

Reimagining Our Business For A Digital Age

In business, the digital revolution continues to accelerate. Technology is ever-advancing, offering a constant stream of new opportunities. Sonepar is harnessing this potential to drive the Group's digital transformation.  

This means reimagining our business for a digital age and becoming a digital enterprise. We aim to harness technologies that can transform business processes, culture, and the customer experience. 


Customer centric

Above all, it’s about our customers, their needs, and making their lives easier.

To do this, we focus on a personalized experience that makes it easy for you to find and purchase the products you want – when, where and how you want it – with ease.  

This enables you to save time and money – through better design, support and partnership.  

We are investing €1bn in driving digital transformation throughout the Group to answer its challenges.

Transformation has its challenges

Our ambition is to become the first global B2B electrical distributor in the world to offer the best omnichannel experience to all our customers.

Offering our customers new and more efficient ways of operating. 

Educating our associates to using to deploy our platform locally.

Ensuring that the technology we invest in delivers on its potential.

Our synchronized omnichannel platform 

Our customers all have different preferences when it comes to engaging with us.

Rather than focusing on a single channel and expecting customers to use it, we’re building a seamless experience across all channels – putting the power in your hands, as you choose what works best for you.  

The platform has been constructed at group level, ensuring the resilience needed for high-frequency commerce. But it’s also flexible enough to be adapted locally – because delivering better solutions through proximity to our customers is central to what we do.  

The omnichannel platform makes our customers’ and associates’ lives easier – easier to interact, easier to buy or return products, and easier to arrange financing.


The Digital Factory

To build the Sonepar Digital Factory, Sonepar partnered with Publicis Sapient. Sonepar Chief Transformation Officer Jeremie Profeta spoke of this successful collaboration, stating, “With Publicis Sapient, we've been able to speak with one voice and act as one team. Together, we have embarked on this extraordinary journey to become the first global B-to-B electrical distributor providing a fully digitalized and synchronized omnichannel experience to all customers.”

Publicis Sapient is the digital business transformation hub of Publicis Group with 20,000 people and over 50 offices worldwide.

Meet the experts behind the Sonepar Digital Factory in the video hereafter.

digital-factory-at-a-glance-cover play-icon

Harnessing data to better serve customers: Sonepar’s Data Lake

As customers and associates across the countries where we operate embrace our synchronized omnichannel platform, we can collect the data from transactions centrally, in a single location: Sonepar’s Data Lake. The scope for data collection is vast, covering costs and prices, volumes, timing, returns, and more.  

As the Data Lake grows, it also provides insights into patterns and trends, behaviors, and motivating factors. The Data Lake can even help automate processes such as taking inventories, and both streamlining and anticipating challenges related to shipping logistics.  

Dive into the Sonepar Datalake by watching the video hereafter.

sonepar-datalake-cover play-icon

Protecting data and your online experience 

As we embrace our transformation to become a truly digital enterprise, the value and importance of our data grows. That’s why, more than ever, protecting data is one of our highest priorities. We see cyber security as the responsibility of all our associates, whatever their role.  

As with protecting anything of value, there must be relentless diligence and distinct processes in place, taking a methodical approach towards constant improvement and protection.  

Cyber-threats are constantly evolving and becoming more sophisticated, and so too must the measures we use to protect against them. As a result, we are clear that, as our commitment to digital evolution progresses, our commitment to cyber-security will progress in equal measure. 


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