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2023.12.13 GEEIS Trophy image.png

Sonepar Awarded the GEEIS-SDG Trophy for Gender Equality


Sonepar has been awarded the GEEIS-SDG Trophy for Gender Equality thanks to its professional insertion program for women in Chile.

The program, led by Sonepar Chile in partnership with suppliers Nexans and Schneider Electrics, along with local NGO RedMaestra, was first launched in 2022. During this first edition, 20 women who were seeking professional reconversion or financial independence were successfully trained as certified electricians in the Santiago area.

The women were offered training and certified as electricians in basic and advanced courses, workshops, internship programs, and attended inspiring talks from women of Sonepar on how to thrive in this market. All of them are now qualified professionals in the industry, working for companies or launching their own businesses.

In 2023, the program expanded to other regions of Chile, and now 60 additional women benefit from it. Inspired by the Chilean initiative, Sonepar Perú also launched, a similar initiative program together with Nexans called, “Soy mujer, soy electricista” (“I am a woman, I am an electrician”).

The GEEIS-SDG Trophy awards companies holding the GEEIS certification who not only respect local laws on gender equality, but go above and beyond by implementing equal processes and good practices.

Sonepar is committed to very high ethical, social, and environmental standards and ensures associates a diverse and inclusive working environment.

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