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2021.09.22 Sonepar CEO Announces Global Launch of LIT by Cardi and TRADEFORCE

Sonepar CEO Announces Global Launch of LIT by Cardi and TRADEFORCE


On Tuesday 14th September, Sonepar CEO Philippe Delpech officially launched Sonepar’s two exclusive brands, LIT by Cardi and TRADEFORCE on a global scale. A special event was held at the Sonepar branch in Malakoff, just outside Paris, where Phillipe Delpech took part in the internal launch and was given a guided tour of the branch.

“I am pleased to announce that today Sonepar is officially launching TRADEFORCE and LIT by Cardi globally. This key move will allow us to remain customer centric and provide our customers with a complimentary range of products to those of our strategic suppliers. Sonepar will be able to be serve them with best-in-class service and a best-in-class supply chain. This will ensure that our customers will have access to a full range of TRADEFORCE and LIT by Cardi products for all of their project requirements,” commented Philippe Delpech, Sonepar CEO.

LIT by Cardi and TRADEFORCE are currently sold in more than ten countries. However, France is the first country to introduce both brands simultaneously with very ambitious sales targets.  Both brands are sourced via Sonepar’s Global Sourcing Office based in Shanghai, China, which aims to provide Sourcing Services for the entire Sonepar Group. The Sonepar’s Global Sourcing Office supports Sonepar by developing exclusive brands which adhere to customers’ needs at the right price, and sourcing high-quality products globally thanks to a robust supply chain and through leveraging the Group’s global purchasing power.

Founded in Sweden in 2018, LIT by Cardi was created to fill a gap in the market for effective but simple luminaires at an affordable price point. Designed for simplicity, the concise range of tried-and-tested, high-quality luminaires are inspired by the company’s Scandinavian heritage, providing professional designers and installers with a more straightforward approach to their lighting needs. Currently sold in four countries, LIT by Cardi began its global expansion in France, and will then be introduced into the Finnish and Norwegian markets before the end of 2021. All products in the brand’s portfolio are 100% LED, and vary from a wide range of lamp, panel, downlight, high bay, track, and flood lights, as well as easy-to-install luminaires.

Founded in Australia in 2005, TRADEFORCE, started its life serving professional contractors working in some of the most challenging and varied conditions on the planet. Already present in ten countries, TRADEFORCE gives customers the confidence they need to take on any job, anywhere. The brand offers a dedicated range of professional equipment designed to withstand the demands of daily use, and is made up of three core lines: tools, safety equipment, and installation materials accessories. TRADEFORCE currently sells more than 300 products and by the end of 2021, the brand is expected to be present in 15 countries.

"The launch of these first TRADEFORCE and LIT by Cardi products illustrates our desire to develop ever more added value for our customers in our historical and above all future business of distributor," said, Hervé Vancompernolle, Director of Exclusive Brands, Sonepar France.

 “The development of the LIT by Cardi and TRADEFORCE ranges has been a great pleasure. Discussions with branches and customers have enabled us to create a summary of essential products: a professional range, very well positioned in price and without compromising on quality. Of course, the range will expand over time: this is just the start of a great story!” stated Head of Private Label Development, Aurélien Jouglas, Sonepar France