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2021.07.21 Sonepar Joins the AFEP Ambition 4 Climate Initiative

Sonepar Joins the AFEP Ambition 4 Climate Initiative


Sonepar is proud to join the Ambition 4 Climate initiative supported by AFEP (Association of Large French Companies), illustrating the concrete commitment of large companies in the fight against climate change. 

This initiative is bringing together a significant number of recent and diverse projects implemented by companies from different sectors to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and those of their customers. 

Sonepar has put forward its ongoing project to convert its vehicle fleet to low carbon in France, which consists of more than 2,000 ‘commercial’ vehicles, which together account for 10% of its carbon footprint. The project, therefore, aims to reduce the fleet’s carbon footprint by 30%. This reduction will result from the conversion of 100% of the fleet vehicles. An additional goal of the initiative is to set the example as a leader in the distribution of electrical products, helping to speed up the roll-out of this energy transition solution. 

​​​​​​This project is in the process of being replicated in the 40 countries where Sonepar operates including Austria, Belgium, Brazil, France, Germany, Italy, UK, Mexico, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Netherlands, and the USA. 

Sustainable development is at the very core of Impact, our strategic business plan. We will nurture and champion innovation from our suppliers, encouraging them to develop more sustainable offers, services, and solutions, and act as a bridge with our customers to enhance adoption and create a better ecosystem. 

About AFEP: 

AFEP (French Association of Large Companies) represents 111 of the largest companies in all sectors operating in France. It participates in the public debate with the ambition of bringing pragmatic answers in favour of an economic activity based on a sustainable development. It brings the vision of its member companies to French public authorities, European institutions, and international organizations. In terms of sustainable development, the Association is involved in voluntary initiatives on climate change, energy transition, circular economy, biodiversity, and corporate social responsibility.