Every year, Sonepar publishes an annual report called the Panorama. The most recent reports can be accessed here.

A New Look Panorama for 2020

In 2020, along with the transformation, and to better present the global overview of our activities and convey our messages, Sonepar has launched a new version of Panorama.  After gathering internal and external feedback, Sonepar’s Group Communications Department has decided to implement a new multi-channel approach to Panorama. 

In an easy to read brochure, the new Panorama highlights Sonepar’s activities, key figures, business models, Chairman and CEO’s messages, as well as the pillars of our strategic plan “impact” – People, Planet, Performance and Customer. 

Digital Panorama 2020

Read the interactive fluidbook of Panorama 2020!

Another new feature will be that Panorama will be constantly updated via the group website with regular updates of our initiatives and projects of Sonepar companies around the world in real time, all articulated around our strategic pillars – #People, #Planet, #Performance and #Customer. Stay tuned!

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