As a trusted partner to electrical equipment makers, Sonepar makes life easier for its customers by selecting and distributing a wide range of products and services.

Sonepar has a mission: To build the best supply chain in B2B distribution

By offering our customers the broadest assortment of products with the highest levels of agility and customization, we aim to deliver the perfect order; what our customers want – when, where, and how they want it – with ease.

Sonepar’s digital transformation and investment in technology and data not only help us to plan, prepare, and deliver these perfect orders, they provide us with insights on how to create a safer and better work environment, eliminate waste, and reduce our CO2 and environmental impact -- from suppliers to customer delivery.

Sonepar is investing more than €2bn in construction, distribution and transportation networks, state of the art technologies, automation and robotics, a global digital platform, and our people in order to deliver perfect orders to our customers all whilst helping Sonepar to reach our goal of limiting CO2 emissions under 2% by 2023.


Sonepar offers the best solutions for its customers operating in major markets such as industry, building, and energy utilities.


Around the world, we assist our manufacturing customers in tackling their day-to-day challenges. Ensuring next-day availability of over 100,000 items, promoting integrated, environmentally-friendly solutions, offering cutting-edge digital tools for tracking down products and placing orders, adapting delivery to customer needs, providing after-sales reporting and data analytics: those are just a few of our commitments to our partners in industry.

In our branch network and online, we offer them relevant product lines such as enclosures, industrial automation and controls, cable management, power distribution, lighting, tools, personal protection equipment & engineering supplies, safety equipment and more.


Installers are continually on the lookout for ways to enhance safety and efficiency on their projects. We work to provide them with the best products and services, with special emphasis on eco-efficiency.

Through flexible delivery, tailored payment options and customer service offered both online and at our branches, we do everything in our power to help installers conduct their daily operations as smoothly as possible. With our comprehensive product offering, we cover the entire spectrum of their needs, whether they are full-service or specialist providers, and whether they work on residential, office or industrial buildings, with alarms & security, wiring devices, automation & control, indoor & outdoor lighting, photovoltaic energy, wires & cables, heating, ventilation & air conditioning (HVAC), protection, networks, hand and power tools, personal protective gear, Voice-Data-Image (VDI) and more.


Power distribution or Medium- and high-voltage energy distribution. We supply the most efficient equipment for safety and maintenance on power production facilities and grids. After studying the challenges related to each project, our staff recommends appropriate solutions to customers. Our priority is rapid response, based on minute attention to details. Our offering includes: MV /LV switchgear, enclosures & panel assembly, distribution transformers, cable management, personal protection gear, accessories and more.