Around the world, we make life easier for our customers by responding swiftly and effectively to their needs. Whatever their business, our aim is to deliver the solutions best suited to their projects. And with our global footprint, we aim to be “La Référence”—the standard-setter in our industry.

Making life easier for our customers

We serve:


from self-employed contractors to large-scale firms

General contractors

Industrial customers


To us, every customer is unique, whatever the location and whatever the needs. We assist over a million B-to-B customers in getting their jobs done. Every day, we strive to exceed their expectations in terms of quality, cost, scheduling and advice. We build long-term relationships with them that are grounded in trust. And their loyalty is a source of pride for us.


We are passionate about our customers’ projects and contracts. Through our network of 145 operating companies, 3,000 branches and 1,000 on-site units, we offer them hands-on local service grounded in lasting interpersonal relationships. We also have web solutions and mobile apps to keep customers informed in real time.


We meet customer requirements through tailored, cutting-edge logistics. We place a premium on product availability and fast delivery. That eliminates the need for customers to stock materials, allowing them to operate on a just-in-time basis.


We are constantly expanding the range of services we offer. The latest in new technology regularly enriches our engineering and training service and our tailored logistics solutions.


Both at our branches and through our applications and webshops, we develop innovative solutions to optimize the customer experience.

Our ability to save customers’ time and money is probably why so many of them consider us their partner of choice.

National and international key accounts

You operate a national or international business. Looking for a provider who will stand by you as you pursue your goals and carry out your projects? Who will abide by and fit in with your processes? Well, that’s us—the standard-setter in our field. We guarantee you’ll be supplied with electrical equipment across the various countries in which you operate, either through our local teams or a tailored solution. Our organization spans 48 countries and 5 continents, and in most of those markets, we occupy the number one slot.


Our national key account managers form a network that can provide you with relevant, coordinated responses. And by continually sharing experiences, they work constantly to improve the service we deliver to international companies. Those national managers are your everyday contacts, the people who make sure we meet our commitments and further your business growth.

Industrial customers

A good many industrial firms turn to Sonepar for their maintenance needs (MRO/OEM). That’s because our Group delivers tailored service, hunting down and managing product ranges, offering efficient, secure electronic supply and purchasing solutions, committing to keeping products in stock, reducing energy bills and putting in place on-site logistics solutions (vending machines or inventory). By lowering your storage needs and the number of your suppliers, we help you cut costs and reduce risk.
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They trust us

A number of master agreements have been signed in Europe, Asia and the Americas. For our internationally renowned partners, Sonepar is clearly “La Référence”—the benchmark distributor.

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