We maintain authentic partnerships with our suppliers, based on the idea of creating value for the industry. We showcase their products and help them connect with their markets. On technically demanding projects, the quality of the three-way relationship involving the customer, Sonepar and the supplier is a crucial factor, both in the initial choice of engineering solutions and in the subsequent deployment and installation phases.

Our Partner Suppliers

Top-notch manufacturers

We identify best-of-class products 

Sonepar selects and distributes the products best suited to the day-to-day needs of its business customers. Product quality, compliance with standards and efficient engineering and after-sales service are the main criteria in our selection process.

We encourage innovation

In choosing our supplier partners, we consider how capable they are of technological innovation, of recommending appropriate products and of driving continuous improvement.

We adapt to local needs

To meet the special needs of its customers, each branch makes a point of hunting down the relevant local suppliers.

Effective partnerships for the industry

We work with our suppliers and are proud to promote their brands and innovations in all our markets. Manufacturers who go through Sonepar can rest assured that their products will be widely distributed. 

Access to large-scale projects

By drawing on its logistics expertise and its familiarity with customers and their needs, Sonepar enables suppliers to take on extremely large-scale projects. For such projects, our technical staff puts forward relevant recommendations and suggests end-to-end solutions.

Healthy finances

Sonepar has sound financial foundations. This is a family-owned enterprise that consistently meets its financial commitments to its partners.

Marketing support

Sonepar conducts market research on behalf of its suppliers. Whether locally or globally, the Group collects and analyzes customer feedback:

  • In order to better understand its markets
  • In order to anticipate shifts in demand
  • In order to test new products and accelerate their roll-out
  • In order to make the industry more efficient

Getting innovations to market fast

Sonepar showcases the brands of its supplier partners, and by helping them train installers, the Group does its part in raising the overall skill level in our industry.

An international supplier event

Sonepar brings together its worldwide suppliers on a regular basis at events that allow manufacturers to share with us their strategic vision and objectives so that together we can respond more effectively to customer expectations.

A partner that is both local and global

Our partnerships start out locally, as our branches serve customers. A supplier can also be globally indexed by the Group. Thanks to Sonepar’s worldwide footprint, such a supplier’s products can also be offered in countries where the supplier has yet to establish a presence.

An entity dedicated to suppliers

Sonepar International Services is an entity dedicated to assisting suppliers. Through regular contacts, we give them guidance on local formalities and a comprehensive view of the Group and its latest acquisitions.

To make that possible, we operate like an international hub that provides supplier partners with a broad range of fine-tuned, tailored services:

  • Market research
  • In-depth, long-term marketing support
  • Immediate hook-ups with the Group’s operating companies
  • e-business performance indicators