We are “Powered by Difference”. We are in the middle of our digital transformation. We’re playing a key role in the energy transition. With no compromises on ethics and compliance. These are a couple of reasons why you should join us!

Powered by Difference

Thanks to a unique combination of being family-owned, with a long-term horizon, best-in-class leadership, an engaged workforce and demanding corporate governance, Sonepar has built an undisputed leadership position in business-to-business electrical product distribution, systems and services.

People are essential to our business. We champion difference and diversity.  Over-the-counter, online and side-by-side, we value relationships with customers, suppliers and every one of our Sonepar associates.  Today, Sonepar is the world number one in sales of energy-efficient products, a leading pioneer of energy transition, making sustainability a priority.

Digital transformation...

Digital transformation is at the heart of our “Impact” strategic plan - the direction to accelerate the growth of the Group over the next decade.

We continuously improve productivity and customer service by leveraging our digital transformation in five axes:

  • Value proposition by customer segment
  • Omnichannel go-to-market
  • Supplier and customer ecosystem innovation accelerator
  • Best in class operational productivity
  • Data as a strategic asset

Those axes were covered at first Sonepar’s Digital Enterprise Week held online in December 2020.

... at a glance

We play a key role in the energy transition

Creating a generation of ‘clean first’ advocates through education, collaboration and partnerships with the Energy Transition Academy: a worldwide e-learning program roll-out to all our associates.

Getting our own house in order by radically cutting down our own emissions and waste; Sonepar is working on reducing its carbon footprint to be in line with the Paris Agreements.

Creating a ‘Sonepar Sustainable offer’ that prioritizes sustainable solutions and services - World leader in energy efficiency products and solutions and leader in Renewables with above 500 megawatts of sales every year.

at a glance

Learn more about sustainability at Sonepar - our vision and strategy.

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in action

Read short stories covering our actions in favour of sustainability at local level all around the world.

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in motion

What does a sustainable future look like, and how is Sonepar going to be a part of it? (watch on YouTube)

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in details

Download Sonepar Sustainability Report in PDF format (4Mb).

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No compromises on compliance and integrity

Sonepar is committed to the highest ethical, social and environmental standards and aims to behave as a responsible corporate citizen in all countries where it operates.

In 2019, Sonepar became the first group in France to have been officially declared compliant with all the requirements of France’s Sapin II anti-corruption law.

Compliance is everyone’s responsibility at Sonepar, every day and in everything we do.