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Sonepar India, Belden India, and Hitachi Rail Signs New Signaling Contract for the Chennai Metro


Hitachi Rail, Belden India, and Sonepar have signed a new contract to implement the new Chennai Metro signaling system.

This ambitious project will cover three new corridors spanning a total length of 120 kilometers, and 113 elevated and underground stations, and three depots.

Chennai, the capital city of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu is located on the Coromandel Coast off the Bay of Bengal. It is one of the biggest industrial and commercial centers of South India and a major cultural, economic, and educational hub. The city is divided into four broad regions: north, central, south, and west, and is home to a growing number of information technology firms, financial companies, and call centers.

Hitachi Rail was first awarded the contract to install the signaling and train control system that will allow the operation of driverless trains by Chennai Metro Rail Limited (CMRL) in 2022, which has now brought in Belden Inc. and Sonepar India to orchestrate the design, engineering, installation, testing, communication, and video management system crucial for seamless operation.

The system will also integrate the functions of the automatic train movements in the depots, and platform screen doors, as well as the functioning of passenger information and display systems. The system also enables real-time streaming of video for management, monitoring, and control from a centralized operation control center (OCC). This vast undertaking, structured as a 10-phase endeavor, is slated for completion by the culmination of 2026 or the dawn of 2027.

The project introduces a 100% electrical metro system to alleviate road congestion and promote efficient public transit in Chennai. These corridors promise enhanced accessibility, fuel savings, reduced road construction and maintenance costs, lower vehicle operating expenses, time savings, and improved quality of life.

Central to the project's success is the mission-critical aspect of ensuring efficient signal transfer, imperative for the safe operation of trains operating at high speeds. Amit Dembi leads the project as the Business Head of Automation, stated, “This collaboration marks a significant milestone in advancing urban transportation infrastructure. Together, we're committed to delivering cutting-edge solutions for a smarter, more connected Chennai Metro.”

For Sonepar India, this venture marks the culmination of a longstanding collaboration with Belden, dating back to 2015. Leveraging their partnership, Sonepar India and Belden have been instrumental in shaping India's transportation landscape in renewing 80% of India's metro system.

Drawing from their extensive experience, for Sonepar India and Belden this endeavor signifies a significant escalation in scale and scope, representing the culmination of years of collaboration and expertise. As the Chennai Metro project progresses, it emphasizes the crucial role of strategic partnerships in shaping the future of transportation infrastructure.

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