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2021.04.06 Sonepar’s Logistics Teams in Germany Integrate Sustainable Solutions

Sonepar’s Logistics Teams in Germany Integrate Sustainable Solutions


Since April 2019 a working group in the field of logistics has been continuously working on further developments. They analysed customer requests and looked for ways to procure and use our consumables as economically as possible and at the same time as sustainably as possible.


After customers increasingly complained that the picking labels on the sales packaging could not always be removed without leaving any residue, the logistics center in Holzwickede switched to wrapping the goods with stretch film and sticking the label on the film. In order to avoid or reduce the use of film in the future, labels are currently being tested that are already in use in other logistics centers in Germany. These have a glue-free zone of 1 cm on the left edge and are provided with a more easily removable adhesive.

Delivery boxes made from 100% recycled paper:

Since the beginning of February there has been a new Germany-wide standard for delivery boxes: Trapeze boxes made from 100% of recycled paper. Equipped with the Sonepar logo and our eco label, the new boxes can be left with the customer as before and exchanged for another box the next time they are delivered.

Use of plastic:

In various places there is currently no other solution than the use of plastic bags or film. But even here we are constantly working on improvements. By introducing a reduced-thickness stretch-film across Germany, we were able to reduce our consumption by approx. 50%. The stretch film is used particular for pallet goods, such as washing machines, in order to adequately secure them for transportation. There are also very recent changes in the area of plastic bags. Bags made from 100% recycled plastic have been introduced across Germany since the beginning of March 2020. The only drawback: the rather cloudy material caused displeasure here and there. Therefore, at the beginning of March this year new bags will be introduced, also made of 100% regenerated material but more transparent.

Whether cloudy or clear, thanks to the changeover we have succeeded in reducing CO2 emissions by around 94% compared to new plastic bags.

About Sonepar in Germany

Sonepar Deutschland is Germany’s leading electrical wholesaler, is has a local presence across Germany in more than 200 locations. Central warehouses are spread across the whole country and, together with a special distribution center for industrial products, ensure that products are available with minimum delay.