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2023.07.11 Van Egmond Photo

Van Egmond Groep Supports Industry Customers in Developing Innovative and Efficient Production Processes


Van Egmond Groep, a Sonepar company is committed to providing exceptional operational excellence and best-in-class industrial services for its customers.

With a proven track record of delivering top-notch solutions to industrial customers, Van Egmond Groep has consistently set the bar high when meeting and exceeding client expectations. 

Therefore, Van Egmond Groep was very proud to be part of establishing a new, more efficient working method in which Inlevé's projects are completed faster, smarter, and easier.

The Challenge

For years, Inelvé was a progressive panel construction company, but over time it further developed into an innovative production partner. To this end, close collaborations with trusted partners grew, allowing them to supply fully prefabricated solutions and controls with cabling to their customers.

One of these close collaborations is in cooperation with Van Egmond Groep.

Van Egmond Group’s Solution

With Van Egmond Groep, Inelvé set up a smart and logical process in which the start and finish point lies with Inelvé itself, making it the pivot throughout the entire process.

From Inelvé, appropriate solutions are devised for the customer, engineered where possible and the necessary process further integrated. The company relies on Van Egmond Groep during the procurement process of necessary resources and for the mechanical work and assembly. With the processing machines that Van Egmond Groep can supply, projects are easily made fully operational.

In addition, the Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) service supplies the necessary parts from Van Egmond Groep. Precisely because of this VMI, large volumes are processed with a high throughput rate and customer demands are met.

To ensure that the cooperation continues to run smoothly to quickly adapt when necessary, and to respond to opportunities and possibilities, Van Egmond Groep regularly meets with its customer to ensure the project's fluid completion.

Customer benefits

Besides being a pleasant cooperation, Van Egmond Groep also provides several advantages for its customers. Therefore, production and product costs can be reduced as the process is

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and unnecessary factors are excluded.

With a customer-centric approach at the heart of their operations, Van Egmond Groep ensures that every interaction is marked by professionalism, responsiveness, and a genuine dedication to exceeding customer needs.

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