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2021.02.17 What Does A Sustainable Future Look Like Watch Our Sonepar Story Today!

What Does A Sustainable Future Look Like? Watch Our Sonepar Story Today!


What does a sustainable future look like, and how is Sonepar going to be a part of it? CEO Philippe Delpech recently spoke about the role Sonepar is playing in helping to develop a more Circular Economy within our industry, stating, "Circular economy is based on three interconnected pillars: supply from economic players, consumer demand or behavior, and waste management. These pillars are built around 10 strategic actions (also called the "10Rs"), that make it possible to take concrete action on the economy: Refuse, Reduce, Rethink, Re-use, Repair, Refurbish, Remanufacture, Re-purpose, Recycle, Recover."

When examining how Sonepar can act as key players in the circular economy, Philippe explained, "The Group's companies must partner with local waste recovery, reuse, and treatment services. For this reason, some countries have set up partnerships with suppliers in order to offer customers products that are more easily recyclable (products that can be dismantled, or made from materials beneficial to the waste-treatment chain), and even sometimes a waste management partner who can take charge of end-of-life products, in order to optimize collection and  direct products to the appropriate treatment chain."

To see how Sonepar is implementing sustainable solutions into our current and future activities, watch our video here!

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