Every day in countries where we operate, we do everything to be more than just an electrical material distributor. We strive to create and sustain a relationship in which each customer is our partner.

With the backing of our multi-channel distribution network and our powerful logistics, we are able to optimize the supply chain, offer competitive prices and bring innovative and tailored responses to the table. Because each customer and project has its own specific features, we adapt our solutions on a case-by-case basis, using our full array of differentiating services.

Convenient and available

Our offer is accessible anywhere, anytime: at our branches, online, on mobile devices, and in our showrooms. Our ambition is to be “La Référence” in e-commerce and offer our customers the best possible experience, both digital and physical. Depending on the country, between 25,000 and 100,000 products can be delivered from our central warehouses to customers in less than 24 hours at the location of their choice.

Personalized advice in our branches and showrooms

We are continuously strengthening our field coverage and improving our capacity to serve customers by renovating our branches and rethinking their organization.

In our showrooms, whether dedicated to decorative or architectural lighting, home automation or energy efficiency, we showcase the latest innovations. We facilitate the efforts of our customers to complete their projects by guiding them during the design phase and helping them make the best choices.  

Customer training

Sonepar supports customers upstream in their projects. Our experts are proactive, offering design studies and advice, but also training (in products, standards, safety, etc.). Our teams capitalize on our dense network of branches to offer local training. In Germany, for example, Sonepar Deutschland offers seminars both onsite and online, as well as presenting innovations in partnership with universities. In all, training is available more than 200 days a year and reaches 2,300 customers.

Innovative digital services

The array of digital tools offered by Sonepar is getting bigger each month, with the aim of facilitating access to information and services. From webshops and mobile applications to paperless processes (EDI, or Electronic Data Interchange, Punch Out, a system that enables customers to access the Group’s webshops directly from their own procurement applications), all of these tools are designed to offer the best possible user experience, one that is adapted to user needs, practices and businesses.

Online solutions for ordering 24/7 and 365 days a year

In each country, we have developed webshops and custom applications for customers designed to facilitate their search for products, as well as order intake and access to information they find useful or necessary. Anytime and anywhere, they can consult product availability, delivery timeframes, and prices. They can track orders and deliveries, and choose customized services (invoicing, financing, product configuration, etc.).


  • In Canada for the third year in a row, Gescan has won the Click & Order e-business prize awarded by the EFC (Electro Federation of Canada).
  • Sonepar companies in the United States have rolled out a mobile solution for scanning products that also displays all immediately available information.
  • Routeco, in Great Britain, has renovated its e-commerce platform and added improved functionalities.
  • The Group promotes the dissemination of good practices: ten countries are now using the same mobile app platform. Sonepar’s goal is to improve both speed and customer experience.

Powerful logistics

A la carte services

Logistics lie at the heart of our expertise. Our large centralized, automated warehouses (30,000 square meters of space on average for 50,000 to 100,000 goods in stock) make use of the latest technology to ensure that orders and deliveries are speedy (D+1) and of high quality.


Our customers can choose from among a number of options for picking up their orders:

  • Standard delivery: at their place, at their work site, or at the branch where they do business
  • Deliveries coordinated with their schedules, which reduce their storage costs
  • Custom solutions: delivery in a load lock chamber, a secure container or a designated spot within a large construction site prearranged with the customer
  • Kitting services to take delivery of products packaged together for orderly, efficient assembly.

Integrated sourcing

To meet the special needs of a number of manufacturing customers, we deploy integrated solutions spanning supply, procurement and storage management. We can take the place of their logistics department or even their entire supply chain, guaranteeing that both quality and performance targets will be met, and reducing TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).

Tailored services

Our specialists assist construction and industry customers all over the world with their projects, often going above and beyond the mere supply of products and solutions.


Energy audit

We can help you reduce the energy consumption of your building by conducting an energy audit. Our trained auditors assess your energy consumption—lighting, HVAC—through measurements, testing and a review of your electricity bills. Once this phase is completed, they map the different points of energy consumption and suggest measures you can take to reduce the costs associated with operation and maintenance.

High voltage

Some of our companies work with electric power distributors and, accordingly, have developed expertise in the supply of high-voltage equipment (maintenance or replacements due to weather-related events like hurricanes and snowstorms) as well as in services for testing personal electrical insulation equipment.

Selecting and programming industrial robots

Assisting customers in selecting their industrial automation architecture, products and software by analyzing what they already have or assessing their development projects: these are the services offered by our experts in a number of companies.