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Sonepar Launches the New Automation Pro App in Italy


Launched in May 2023 and already up and running with 40 satisfied customers, this remarkable app streamlines system automation configuration in just a few clicks.

The Challenge

The demand for industrial automation is steadily increasing due to the need for more efficient operations, quicker time-to-market, and optimized labor utilization. Customers are seeking partners, not just suppliers, to assist them in swiftly configuring the necessary systems.

Enter Automation Pro

In Italy, Sonepar's Automation Pro app, developed in collaboration with Logbot, now simplifies system management. It offers an innovative development environment allowing customers to create smart, user-friendly interfaces for configuring automation functions in industrial plants and buildings.

The app caters to both installers and end-users with its user-friendly dashboards and customizable configurations for remote monitoring.

Automation Pro can seamlessly interact with machinery, production lines, PLC systems, network analyzers, and electronic boards. Designed for the industrial market, it complies with the highest safety standards and adheres to specific industrial regulations and protocols.

This versatile application can be employed for controlling and maintaining automation systems in heat pumps, hydroelectric power plants, professional coffee machines, purifiers, compactors, air conditioners, saunas, and more. Its cloud software can monitor and analyze a wide range of parameters, issuing immediate alerts if anomalies are detected.

Customer Results

Manufacturers of industrial appliances for sectors like hospitality, HVAC, and electromedical devices can harness the power of Automation Pro. This allows them to offer customers machine maintenance, preventing breakdowns or downtime while ensuring peak performance.

Additionally, manufacturers can explore new business models, such as subscription services and one-off product sales. Notable benefits include:

  • Analytics and dashboards using no-code technology;
  • Reduced time-to-market and low start-up costs;
  • Compatibility with pre-tested hardware gateways by Logbot;
  • Access to a vast network of certified system integrators;
  • Integration with advanced AI and PowerBi analysis tools;
  • Exceptional security standards with AES256 encryption and a Layer2 VPN tunnel for remote assistance.

End-users also reap the rewards with:

  • A fast, always-available user experience through the app;
  • The ability to connect to products from anywhere;
  • Compatibility with Ethernet, WiFi, or LTE connections;
  • Prompt and efficient customer service.

Even the general public can enjoy the benefits of the app. Did you forget to start the washing machine? Do you want to monitor your energy consumption? All of this can be easily managed with a few taps on your smartphone.

Giovanni Tosin, Industrial Automation Market Director at Sonepar, explains, "All suppliers are currently embracing cutting-edge solutions. The future is moving towards an open-source strategy. Our Automation Pro app is ideal for new machines developed by computer engineers, but it also appeals to older markets and electricians who prefer a straightforward no-code solution. The best part is that our customers have embraced the app without our support, thanks to its simplicity and the ability to customize it according to their branding."

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