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2023.08.31 France Industry Photo

The IIoToolkit: A Smart Tool Supporting Industry Customers Beyond the Webshop


Sonepar’s industry clients are not lacking when it comes to having access to online stores, allowing them to buy products quickly. Still, they are missing the added service of being advised on the optimal solutions for their needs.

The Challenge

This was an obstacle Sonepar's customer, a French distillery, was facing where there was a real need to survey the plant to identify how to save energy while ensuring that they could keep the plant running by reducing maintenance downtime. 

The Solution

In June 2023, Sonepar launched the IIoToolkit (Industrial Internet of Things Toolkit): an advisory service that allows customers to understand the full scope of their operation by selecting a specific theme and quickly advises them on the best products and solutions to complete the project in a holistic manner.

When working with Sonepar’s specialized support teams, registered customers are also given an interactive guide that presents the IIoToolkit’s full functionalities and constant web support.

Thanks to this tool, the teams identified key areas to make the plant more efficient, reliable and with optimized performance. The IIoToolKit recommended modernizing all of their PLCs (programmable logic controllers), Variable Speed Drives, and networks to set up a supervision solution. Therefore, the investments initially planned for software were redirected towards hardware.

The team also advised on the appropriate connected meters needed to quantify the plant’s varying energy consumption processes.

“The IIoToolkit enables us to provide additional added value for our customers that they cannot find with a generalist distributor. We support them in their digital transition through the prism of themes (how to make their factories more efficient, agile, sustainable, and safe while reducing their energy consumption). This approach supports our customers in their daily work, and we can be continuously improving it according to their different successes stories,” states Adrien Lemaire, Industry Director 4.0, Sonepar in France.

Customer Results

Thanks to the IIoToolkit, the customer was able to establish priorities and identify the appropriate solutions thanks to its thematic approach, saving them time in sifting through a multitude of different options on a standard web shop, giving them a result that surpassed their expectations. Moreover, with the guidance of Sonepar’s support teams dedicated to the industry sector, they were given dedicated support throughout the project.

Sonepar is now accompanying the customer through the supervision phase to implement software solutions and providing end-to-end visibility of the operation’s lifecycle, an added service.

Sonepar is already making the next steps to launch the toolkit in Belgium, Italy, and Germany, to offer an integrated, holistic experience for our industrial customers so they can quickly find long-lasting solutions to their specific challenges.

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